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Purchase any 3 packets of Tasto Potato Chips 55g and/or Dozo Rice Crackers 56g

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Fill in your details and upload a clear picture of your receipt

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Answer a simple question

Terms and Conditions

A: Schedule to Conditions of Entry

Organiser : BJC Foods (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. [115128-A]

Promotion : GRAB , SCAN & WIN  CONTEST

  1. Organiser & Eligibility

    1. This contest organised by BJC Foods (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (115128-A)

(hereafter referred as “BJC”) and named “Grab, Scan & Win Contest 2021” (hereafter referred as “Contest”).

The contest is open to all citizens of Malaysia, residing in Malaysia,

aged 18 years and above on 1st of JANUARY 2020 and holding a valid MyKad (Malaysian Identity Card).

  1. Employees, directors and officers of BJC, its agencies (including advertising,

media, event management and vendors/suppliers related to the Contest),

subsidiaries, affiliates, related corporates, dealers and retailers, and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate in this Contest.


  1. Contest Period

    1. The contest starts at 00:00:00 on 1st October and closes at 23:59:59 on

31st October 2020. All entries received outside the Contest Period will be automatically disqualified.

  1. Any entries out of Contest Duration will be disqualified and will not be


  1. BJC reserves the right to amend contest duration or cancel the contest at any time without prior notice.



3. How to Participate

3.1       To participate in the contest, Participants must buy a minimum of any 3  

Packs of Tasto 55gm or Dozo 56gm of any of the following participating TASTO or

DOZO products (“Participating Products”) in a single receipt (“Proof of Purchase”)

from any participating Aeon / Aeon Big outlets during the contest period.

3.2       Participating Products

  • Tasto 55gm (Ikan 3 Rasa, Kari Ikan, Korean Seaweed Style Sauce)

  • Dozo 56gm (Corn Cheese, Seaweed & Original)

3.3       Scan the QR code, complete the online form by filling in all the empty fields and click on submit.*Retain the original proof of purchase for verification purposes if you have been selected as a winner*.

3.5       The Organiser shall reserve the right to request for evidence of the original

Proof of Purchase (hardcopy) for verification and prize redemption. Failure to produce the hard copy of the Proof of Purchase upon request will result in disqualification and prize forfeiture.

3.7        Each valid Entry, completed with the required information received by the

Organiser during the Promotion Period will be serialized.

3.8      Participants who fail to show the Receipt and/or MyKad as proof of

identity will be forfeited from winning.

4. The Gift

4.1.      The total value of gift worth is determined by BJC .

4.2.     Prizes

The five (05) weekly periods for WEEKLY PRIZES are as per below;

Week 1: 1/10 – 7/10/20 
Week 2: 8/ 10 – 14/10/20
Week 3: 15/10   – 21/10/20
Week 4: 22/10   – 31/10/20

- 10 Winners per week.  Each winner get AEON Shopping Voucher / AEON Big Gift Card worth RM 50.

  1. Winners Selection

5.1.      Prizes

i. All participants with valid entries during Contest Duration will be

entitled to win Weekly Prizes. A total of TEN (10) winners will be selected weekly based on a predetermined formula from the submitted entries for that respective date.

ii. Winner announcements are final and no subsequent correspondence will be entertained.

5.2.      All information and receipt number submitted by the participants in

the Contest must be authentic. Should a participant submit false or incomplete information and/or Receipt, BJC reserves the right to disqualify the participant.

5.3.      All decision of BJC related to the Contest is final. BJC do not have to

give any reason and/or answering to anyone or any parties regarding the Contest.

5.4       Winners of the Contest will be announced and posted on the Tasto Facebook ( or Dozo ( within twenty (20) working days. BJC will not be liable if there is any failure, technical error or delayed in announcing the winners.

6. Rights of the Organiser

6.1.      BJC shall reserve the right to publish, use the names, content and/or

photographs of the winners as materials for the purposes of advertising

and/or trade publicity, without any prior notice to the winners and the

winners shall not be entitled to claim ownership or other forms of

compensation on the materials. All participants’ information, promotion

entries details, content and/or photographs shall become the property of BJC.

6.2.     BJC reserves the right to modify, suspend or cancel this Contest in the

event that it becomes not capable of running as planned, technically

interfered or corrupted, including but not limited to infection by computer

virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, or any other causes beyond the control of BJC, despite the best efforts of


6.3.      BJC reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to remove and disqualify

any participant and/or entries that is found or suspected of cheating /

hacking / tampering with the Promotion submission process, the operation

of this Promotion or to be in violation of any Promotion rules.

6.4.     BJC reserves the right to terminate any person who is reasonably

suspects has violated or infringed any of these general terms and

conditions and BJC reserves the right to pursue legal action against any

individual it believes has undertaken fraudulent activities harmful to this

Promotion or the Promotion submission process.

6.5.      All winners should attend any events and/or any other activities for

promotional purposes and Promotion advertisement if required by BJC.

6.6.     BJC can forfeit or remove any participants and/or winners, who fail to

comply the terms and conditions of the Contest at any time, without

prior notice.

6.7.      BJC reserves the right to change the terms and conditions herein at any time at its absolute discretion without prior notice.


7. Prize Redemption

7.1.      All prizes provided ‘As Is’ without warranty of any kind either

expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties

of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement.

7.2.      Prizes cannot be exchanged in full or in part for other equivalent.

Winners shall comply with the relevant terms and conditions associated

with each prize.

7.3.      BJC reserves the right to replace the prizes with items of similar value

in the event of unforeseen circumstances. The value of the prizes is correct

at the time of printing.

7.4.      Winners need to prove their identity by providing MyKad and original

Receipt according to requirements upon request. Should a participant unable to confirm, authenticate and verify their identity, the participant will be automatically disqualified.

7.5.      BJC will contact the Winners via Whatsapp. Participants are advised to

keep their Whatsapp active. BJC will not hold responsible in the event the

participants failed to be reached or informed for any reasons.

7.6.      In the event that a Winner is not contactable within three (3) attempts

for three (3) consecutive working days, BJC reserves the right to disqualify

his/her eligibility and the next qualified participant will be selected as Winner.

7.7.      All prize Winners must claim their prizes at the venue and time that

will be determined and announced by BJC.

7.8.      BJC reserves the right to retract the prizes if found the winners did not

comply with any terms and conditions of the Contest.

7.9.      BJC will not be held liable by any means regarding the quality and

suitability of the prizes offered.

7.10.    All prizes should be redeemed from BJC (at Peninsular Malaysia or

East Malaysia) by the winners within three (3) months after the end of

Contest Duration. All prizes that not redeemed will be void and winners

will not be able to claim any prizes in any form.

7.11.     BJC will not be held liable if any prize is damaged or lost during

delivery process by any method.

7.12.    Prize should be redeemed by the winner personally. BJC will only take

into consideration for the Winner to appoint representative to redeem the

prize on his/her behalf by writing in a formal request. The representative

person should present the valid appointment letter from the winner that

includes the personal details of the representative and of winner during the


8. Liability & Responsibilities

8.1.      All transportation, postage/courier, personal costs and/or any other

costs, fees and/or related expenses that are incurred to participate in this

contest and to redeem prizes are the sole responsibility of the winners

and/or participant and must abide by the terms and conditions of the

party(ies) arranging for the prizes and the term and conditions attached to

the prizes, if any.

8.2.     Participants shall assume full liability in the case of any mishap, injury, damage, claim or accidents arising from their participation in the Contest,

redeem of the prizes and/or usage of the prizes.

8.3. BJC and its agencies shall not be liable to the participant or any other

party for any loss or damage of whatsoever nature suffered by any

participant as a result of participation or non-participation in the Contest

or as a result of any act or omission on the part of BJC and its agencies.

8.4.     The usage of Whatsapp is at participant own risk. bJC will not hold

liable for any damages that may arise to participant’s devices and/or

software (including, but not limited, mobile phone, mobile software,

computer devices, software, and data).

8.5.     BJC will not hold liable for any entry that is incomplete or any failure

or delay of entry submission/ receive of Whatsapp that may cause participant disqualified from the Contest.

9. Others

9.1.      By participating in this Contest, participants agree to be bound by the

Contest terms and conditions.

9.2.     In the event any of the provision in the terms and conditions herein

deemed unable to be applied, hence the provision(s) will be amended to

depict BJC’s intention accordingly.

9.3.      In the event of any discrepancy and/or inconsistency between the

terms and conditions of English version and Bahasa Malaysia version, the

English version shall prevail.

9.4.     In the event of any discrepancy and/or inconsistency between the

terms and conditions in the advertising, promotional, publicity and/or any

Contest materials, the terms and conditions in English version herein shall

prevail over any other documents and references.

9.5.      By entering into the Contest, all participants of the Contest consent to

the use of their personal data by BJC for the running of the Contest and/or

for any other activities, events or publicity in any form and/or through any


9.6.      By participating in this Contest, the participant agrees to receive future

information, products or services from BJC after the Contest of which BJC

thinks may be of interest to the participant and communication will cease

upon request of the participant.

10. Data Protection

10.1.    By participating in the Contest, the participant consents for BJC to

process the participant’s personal data provided in the entry form for

purposes of the Contest including without limitation to use on the

Facebook and the Website.

10.2.    At times BJC may retain third parties to process the participant’s

personal details. All such third parties are contractually obliged not to use

the Participant’s personal data in any way other than that which is

specified herein.

10.3.    BJC takes reasonable precautions to keep the participant’s personal

data secure, and require third party data processors to do the same. Please

note, however, that BJC may release the participant’s personal data if

required to do so by law, or by search warrant, subpoena or court order.

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